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Installing Solar Panel



With hot summers, Queenslanders are no strangers to high electricity bills. Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular due to it being an innovative energy solution and money saving tool.

At PDR Energy Group our number one priority is to save our Gold Coast and Brisbane customers money on their electrical usage.

Believe it or not, many people are still paying their electricity bill each month and never question if it could be lower. Solar is the answer! Solar turns the sun into savings!

Our solar energy Gold Coast and Brisbane services guide you through the service, step by step. We proactively manage your savings. From the first step of enquiring to in-house installations and even after sales services, our team are with you every step of the way! Our comprehensive, start to finish solar energy services have the customer in mind and we are always here to help you.

We pride ourselves on sticking to our word and providing you with quality solar systems installed by licenced, CEC accredited installers. We are an industry leader on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. With our quality end-to-end service, you can trust that we aren’t just installing a system and walking away like your typical fly-by-night company. Rest assured here at PDR we are not just an installation service; we are future proof. We pride ourselves on ensuring our solar energy systems perform at their peak. We understand that solar systems are tricky, and we will be there in the future to back you for the whole life of the system.


With the government incentives being at an all-time high and our $0 upfront interest free loans, investing in solar makes it an easy decision as you will be saving more than your repayments! Are you ready to save with solar?

By consistent feedback and always striving to improve our service, we’ve been able to make the process as simple, yet efficient as possible using the following steps;


1. We arrange an obligation free site visit: First things first we need to see the site. Our solar technician will come out and assess your property’s roof, switchboard, and general suitability for solar panels. This is necessary to design an effective solar system. Whilst there, we also do an electrical demand analysis to give us an accurate reading on how many panels will generate sufficient power to meet your energy usage requirements.

Now that we’ve taken out all the guess work, we provide a tailor-made solar system specifically designed for your property and a quote with all costs involved so there are no hidden costs!


3. Meter application: We then upgrade your switch board to a smart meter, and advise you on current energy plans that will maximise your savings. Our PDR difference is we are customer satisfaction focused! We are here for you and want our solar systems to be as efficient as possible.

varrying solar.PNG

2. Our CEC accredited electricians come out to install your new solar system: When completing your solar install, we will commission the system and ensure it is working as efficiently as it should be. We then set up the monitoring on your smart phone or computer so you can keep track of your savings from the palm of your hand.


aerial solar.PNG

4. After sales. When you call, we answer: For the life of the system, we will be there to answer any questions you have and ensure your system is working at its maximum efficiency, all year round. Anytime, you call, we answer. We will not drop off after installation, we are here for you through your entire solar journey.



Qualified Experts

Here at PDR Energy, we are qualified experts in solar energy systems, electrician services, as well as test and tagging. With over 20 years experience, PDR are industry leaders on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. 

Comprehensive Service

PDR Energy Group are an end-to-end service. We guide our customers through every single step of the service, through query stage, home installation, after sales checks and constant advice.  We are focused on our customers and their satisfaction. 

Fast and Efficient 

Our solar systems are tailored designed to your property after a free initial site visit. from there, we design your system to meet your energy needs. Our electricians are always here for fast results. Whether you need solar help or residential electrical work, our tradesmen are always there for our customers. We make it efficient, fast and simple for you to start turning the sun into savings as soon as possible. 


Unless you have been living under a rock then you would have heard about all the benefits of having a solar system installed at your home or business on The Gold Coast. The benefits are endless, starting with saving the planet, saving you money and also improving your long time health but if you haven’t moved t solar already maybe you have one question in mind, what’s the cost of a solar installation on The Gold Coast.

Whilst there is no doubt that the cost of installing solar has come down considerably, it will still be a considerable investment to join the green revolution. So the question still begs, how much?

The Short Answer
Ok, so the short answer to the cost question is that a standard ROOFTOP installation will cost you anywhere between $3000 and $12,000, factors that will determine your cost are:

• Where you are located
• Where the system is being installed
• How big a system you require – obviously the bigger the system the more expensive it will be.

These prices will take into account the government STC rebates and discounts, which can be up to a few thousand dollars in some cases.

A good rule of thumb is that a solar installation on The Gold Coast will cost you around $1.40 per watt ($1,400 per KW). The price will become cheaper per watt the bigger the system you are looking at is.

Other factors to consider
• Roof Condition – the condition of your roof will have an impact on the cost of your solar installation on The Gold Coast. If you have an old roof, installers would need to be extra careful and your installation will take longer. Your quote will let you know the details of your roof and if there is an extra cost.
• Flat Roof – Solar panels prefer a sloping roof which gives them a natural angle towards the suns rays to help maximise exposure. If you have a flat roof then you will need additional mounting installed to get the angle to the sun correct. This will be an additional cost.
• Panel Quality – Not all solar panels are created equally and if you want a high-grade panel you are going to have to pay a little extra for the privilege.
• Demand – Supply and demand is a huge cost factor in the solar industry. Some of the best installers are booked up for a long time in advance and will charge a premium for their jobs. If the supplier is very busy you can expect to pay more for your solar installation on The Gold Coast.

Definitely worth the investment!
Although it might be an initial outlay, having solar installed on The Gold Coast is a must and will prove to save you money in the end. Most quality installation companies will offer finance options that will ensure that you get the best system available for your property for a small monthly payment.


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