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Solar Panels on Rooftop


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There is no doubt that having a quality solar system installed at your property can significantly benefit you financially, but you can’t simply just install the system and forget about it.

To keep your solar system performing to its optimum, occasionally it will require a little tender loving care. Your solar system is working hard for your home every day, exposed to the elements with little protection and wear and tear will invariably happen. If you notice that you aren’t getting the performance that you would like from your solar system, the experts at PDR Energy can visit and do a solar health check on your system, whilst there we can also do a safety check at the same time.

The experienced team at PDR Energy will run a comprehensive analysis to ensure your solar system is safe for you and your home or business. In our solar health check, we test the systems operations so there is no inverter, wiring or safety issues. If necessary, our qualified electricians fix any safety concerns after running an accurate diagnosis of the problem with your system.

The harsh summers of Queensland and storm season can see your solar panels suffering damage not only from hail and rain but the harsh heat of the sun. Anything left out in the elements for long amounts of time tends to age quicker and it is during our solar health check that our experienced team will be able to find any problem areas and repair them before they become serious issues. If it is too late to repair the panels then we can either put through a warranty claim on your behalf if still covered, or provide a solution to replace with quality equivalent parts.

Why is it necessary?

Generally speaking, your solar panels are the lowest maintenance part of your solar system. If they are tilted then most of the water and debris will run straight off them, but if there have been long periods of little rain then your solar panels may need a clean to remove any excess dirt and grime. Whilst our team is on the roof they will be checking:

Loose Wiring

This is a problem that can occur over time. With most quality installations this shouldn't be an issue but occasionally wires can come loose, drop on the roof and be subject to the heat and water elements. 

Module Damage 

As your panels are exposed to the weather all year round, there is a chance that the elements such as lightning, branches and even animals could damage 

Cracks - mounts/ roof

The supports which attach your panels to your roof is an important structural feature of your installation. If the integrity of the support is weakened, then your panel won't be secured. Also, water ingress in your home is a nightmare to deal with and if not installed properly there can be leaks around where the mounts join the roof. 

Cracks - Panels 

You might find that small cracks start to appear on you solar panels and whilst they may not have an immediate effect on the performance of your system, if left long enough could cause your system to underperform and short out. If the cracks are severe enough, a replacement panel may be required. 


Your inverter is the heart and soul of your solar system and it must be working properly. Our experienced technicians will check your inverter to ensure that you are getting the best out of it. 


Your system must be CEC compliant and our technicians, whilst performing the health check will also be confirming the compliance of your system. If they find anything that isn't to standard, then they can notify then rectify that during the process. 

Solar Panels on Rooftop

Your solar system is a big investment, and you should be getting a good return from it from the day it is installed. If you believe that your system isn’t performing the way it should be don’t hesitate to call the team at PDR Energy, with years of experience in the industry there isn’t a problem that they can’t fix.


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